Silly season: Full English Premier League fixtures for festive period


Dubai: It’s that time of year again when managers moan and seasons are made and broken. Yep, the English Premier League festive season is upon us, starting with Wolves v Chelsea on Tuesday night, and does not stop until January 2, when the players get a well-earned short winter break. Here is a full run-down of the fixtures:

Tuesday, December 15
Wolves v Chelsea, 10pm
Manchester City v West Brom, midnight
Wednesday, December 16
Arsenal v Southampton, 10pm
Leeds v Newcastle, 10pm
Leicester City v Everton, 10pm
Fulham v Brighton, 10pm
West Ham v Crystal Palace, 10pm
Liverpool v Tottenham, midnight
Thursday, December 17
Aston Villa v Burnley, 10pm
Sheffield United v Manchester United, midnight
Saturday, December 19
Crystal Palace v Liverpool, 4.30pm
Southampton v Manchester City, 7pm
Everton v Arsenal, 9.30pm
Newcastle v Fulham, midnight
Sunday, December 20
Brighton v Sheffield United, 4pm
Tottenham v Leicester City, 6.15pm
Manchester United v Leeds, 8.30pm
West Brom v Aston Villa, 11.15pm
Monday, December 21
Burnley v Wolves, 9.30pm
Chelsea v West Ham, midnight

Chelsea are back in action against London rivals on Boxing Day
Image Credit: AFP

Saturday, December 26
Leicester City v Manchester United, 4.30pm
Aston Villa v Crystal Palace, 7pm
Fulham v Southampton, 7pm
Arsenal v Chelsea, 9.30pm
Manchester City v Newcastle, midnight
Sheffield United v Everton, midnight
Sunday, December 27
Leeds v Burnley, 4pm
West Ham v Brighton, 6.15pm
Liverpool v West Brom, 8.30pm
Wolves v Tottenham, 11.15pm
Monday, December 28
Crystal Palace v Leicester City, 7pm
Chelsea v Aston Villa, 9.30pm
Everton v Manchester City, midnight
Tuesday, December 29
Brighton v Arsenal, 10pm
Burnley v Sheffield United, 10pm
Southampton v West Ham, 10pm
West Brom v Leeds, 10pm
Manchester United v Wolves, midnight
Wednesday, December 30
Tottenham v Fulham, 10pm
Manchester United v Wolves, midnight
Thursday, December 31
Newcastle v Liverpool, midnight
Saturday, January 2
Brighton v Wolves, 7pm
Burnley v Fulham, 7pm
Chelsea v Manchester City, 7pm
Crystal Palace v Sheffield Utd, 7pm
West Ham v Liverpool, 7pm
Manchester United v Aston Villa, 7pm
Newcastle v Leicester, 7pm
Southampton v Liverpool, 7pm
Tottenham v Leeds
West Brom v Arsenal, 7pm