Dubai’s Al Tadawi Healthcare Group to partner with Israel’s Sheba Medical Centre


Dubai: Dubai-based Al Tadawi Healthcare Group has forged a partnership with Israel’s Sheba Medical Centre to provide a new range of advanced health care services. The joint venture will see Sheba Medical Centre becoming the first hospital from Israel to provide medical services in Dubai.

As part of the partnership, the Al Tadawi Healthcare Group will collaborate with the Israeli hospital to offer both on-site and remote telemedicine treatments and consultations.

The joint venture will be activated in January 2021 when Dubai’s Al Tadawi Medical Centre will launch a diabetes clinic offering preliminary diagnostic consultations through face-to-face meetings with visiting doctors from Sheba Medical Centre that will be followed up with daily remote monitoring through telemedicine technology. Sheba and Al Tadawi will later expand the range of medical services they offer, and the medical centre will be transformed into a fully functional hospital.


Yoel Har-Even, Director of Sheba International said: “Sheba Medical Centre, the largest hospital in Israel, which has been ranked by Newsweek magazine as one of the Top 10 Best Hospitals in the World, has forged a partnership to bring high-quality medical care to the Al Tadawi Medical Centre, which we believe will serve as a model for cooperation between Israeli medical professionals and their counterparts in the UAE and GCC region.”

Marwan Ibrahim Nasser, Chairman and Managing Director of the Al Tadawi Healthcare Group, said: “The agreement sets an example for constructive partnerships in the medical sector. By using the outsourcing model for medical solutions and leveraging Dubai’s advanced infrastructure for remote services, we seek to contribute to Dubai Health Authority’s efforts to further develop the emirate’s health care facilities.”

Abdullah Said Al Naboodah, Chairman of Phoenix Capital said the partnership will facilitate the provision of a set of world-class medical treatments. The new engagement between the UAE and Israel in various sectors offers an opportunity to collaborate with Sheba Medical Center to offer innovative health care services, he added.