Ajman Police impounds 914 vehicles at home since July


Ajman: Ajman police confiscated 914 vehicles since July for various serious violations and forced its owners to keep them at homes after installing GPS trackers to detect their movement.

Major Rashid Humaid bin Hindi, Head of Traffic Investigation and Control Department at the Traffic and Patrols Department at Ajman Police, said under the new service, police withdraw the vehicle’s plate numbers and the vehicle ownership until the impoundment period ends.

Police ordered the vehicle owners to keep their vehicles inside their homes and not use them until they settle their fines and the impoundment period ends. Any motorist violated the rules will face penalties according to the traffic law.

Maj. Bin Hindi said that the vehicles will be publicised on the federal system and the vehicle will be monitored via GPS during the reservation period.

He said the service has witnessed an increasing demand from the public to impound their violating vehicles in their private parking spaces instead of the designated area which allows them to look after them during the period of confinement. It also helps keeping the vehicle from being affected by weather conditions, knowing that they are allowed to operate and move it within 30 metres from the allotted place.

Major. Bin Hindi indicated that 85 per cent of the seized vehicles were seized due to the violation of jumping the traffic signal, followed by the excessive speed violation, explaining that the service fee is Dh500 for the first month, in addition to Dh100 for each additional month.


Major bin Hindi added that the customer can request the service by taking his vehicle to the Traffic and Licensing Services Centre and submitting the request. Then a technical team installs the device and connects it electronically with the central violations system and the 24-hour monitoring system,

In July, Ajman Police announced that motorists can now keep their vehicles impounded in their own premises instead of police-designated impounding yards.